Reggae in Berlin

Dean Fraser

Reggae music is infectious, and Tad’s Record has compiled a project that is bound to have
a contagious impact on all listeners.
This musical concoction is filled with lyrical prescriptions from some exceptionally talented
messengers that will uplift your spirit. This is what Reggae music is to millions of people
across the world.
When you think of Reggae Virus First Dose this is what should come to mind, Reggae
artists who skilfully coin and arrange music to heal, incite deep thought, and
simultaneously entertain. This album is the healing to an aching world, plagued with
negative actions and thoughts. Reggae Virus First Dose offers doses of positivity and
love from Chezidek, Mykal Rose, Glen Washington, Sanchez, Mikey Spice, Anthony Cruz,
Dean Fraser, Sophia Squire and Ray Darwin; who are incredible musical scientists worthy
of notice and praise.
Lend an ear and listen to sweet soulful and the healing sound of Reggae Virus First

RELEASE 25.06.2021
LABEL Tad’s Records
GENRE Reggae