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Soundsystem Culture Festival

Soundsystem Culture Festival

YAAM Berlin

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Soundsystem Culture Festival
Dancehall // Reggae // Dub
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Soundsystem Culture Festival could not start with a bigger bang. This Easter weekend Berlin city will burn for three straight days with the highest quality in sound-system and reggae/dancehall culture.

Starting Friday night its all about the clash. The big one and definitely the most anticipated and interesting line up for the current Europe clash landscape. No fooling around but straight battle from the first bell. Its a One vs One musical battle between the Italian master-dubplate-godfathers and the current undisputed number one sound in Europe. ‘War Ina East’ sees the return of Heavy Hammer to the clash arena, something clash-heads all over the world have been patiently waiting to see for years, and they would battle none other than Warrior Sound International, the one man army and proven big sound killer. What bombs would Heavy Hammer drop and what surprises would Warrior have in store? These are just a few of the questions already on the mind and to get them answered, make sure you’re there to experience another piece of history because this might just be the biggest sound-clash of 2018!

Saturday night, after the war is over, winner crowned and the dust settles, we kick up the dust once again and party in a hardcore celebration style-eeee. Music and more good music, vibes on top of vibes and a whole heap of dancing. It’s ‘Juggle Ina East meets Dance Ina East’. Two sick concepts join forces to blow the top off of Yaam. Ladies this is your night. The line-up includes mister party himself coming in from the UK, English Fire (Black Chiney), Herbalize-it, Citylock, Supersonic and only the best dancehall dancers and crews from all over Europe bringing that crazy, fun energy to raise the thing even higher.

Sunday you would think we would cool it down, but no. For the first time we introduce to you ‘Dub Ina East’ and even though the beat might be slowed down in comparison to the rest of the weekend don’t be fooled. There is some serious power coming through so all the dub lovers roll out for this one because none other than King Shiloh (Amsterdam,NL) with original sound system would be taking over for an entire night of strictly heavy positive vibrations. There is absolutely no better way to start your Easter Weekend.


→ LINEUP 30.03. - War Ina East:

Warrior Sound VS. Heavy Hammer (Clash)

→ LINEUP 31.03. - Juggle Ina East:

English Fire

Herb-A-Lize It

Supersonic Sound

City Lock


Badd Fyah (Sk/CZ)

Primetime Danzas (Ger)

Janet Phoenix (AT)

→ LINEUP 01.04. - Dub Ina East:

King Shiloh Sound System



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