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Tropical Diaspora Vol. 42 feat. André Sant´Anna and Forró Maragandá Edition „Literatura“


YAAM Berlin

22:00 Uhr

Tropical Diaspora Vol. 42 feat. André Sant´Anna and Forró Maragandá Edition „Literatura“


Brasilien trifft Berlin”: Brazilian literatur festival 2015

In collaboration with A Livraria the Book Store Berlin

featuring performance with André Sant´Anna


Forró Maragandá (Brazil)

Garrincha & Dr.Sócrates (Tropical Diaspora)


ANDRÉ SANT´ANNA (Performance)

Born in 1964 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, he is author of "O paraíso é bem bacana (2006) e Sexo e amizade (2007)", among others. Besides writer, he is publicist and musician. He currently lives in São Paulo. The trilogy novels Amor, Sexo und O Paraíso é bem bacana make ihn famous in Brazil. In addition to these novels short stories have appeared in various anthologies. Last published is the band Inverdades. The reading is bilingual Portuguese-German. The Livraria Team moderated and translated the reading.



The Brazilian Latin rhythms are known world wide, we experience in the last years a explosion popularity in Europe of one specific rhythm, also the Forró. Berlin as the unofficial diaspora capital in Germany couldn’t stay out in this development and bring out for sure one of the most powerful forró band in Europe. With a strong traditional forró repertoire rhythms like xote, baião and arrasta-pé. The basic formation of the band with Philipe Alves playing Accordion, João Afojubá with Percussions, Fabiano Lima with the Zabumba and Mariano Habib with the Triangle is enough to bring the floor to dance together all night long and beyond bring people from all districts in the city to the place where they play.


Band Components:

Philipe Alves – Sanfona e Voz

Biano Lima – Percussão e Voz

João Afojubá - Percussão e Voz

Mariano Habib – Triangulo e Voz

Featuring: Felipe Gusmão - Cavaquinho


Aftershowparty all Night Long stictly vinyl

Afro, Latin, Brazil, Brazil Grooves to dance

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