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Cerebral Chaos Anniversary V Spontanikus Parsing Edition

Cerebral Chaos Anniversary V  Spontanikus Parsing Edition


Party: Cerebral Chaos Anniversary V – Spontanikus Parsing Edition
16.09.2016, Yaam Berlin, Doors: 23:55



CerebralノウChaos will return for a spontanous session.
AudioSyntax wants to celebrate his long awaited debut Album Parsing (Alice D Recordings) with all of us.
Releasedate is the 9th of September!
As if it wouldn’t be enough to gather, also we as CerebralノウChaos celebrate our 5th birthday Party and Kazulu & Te văd grow older one year too..

Enough reasons to have a good rave again 😀
CerebralノウChaos as always…ohne Essig kein Salat ♥

As these frequencies unfold
time is divided to the depth of the amplitude
wavelength reassemble in neuronal pathways
forming temporal structures
resonating in the biologic system
associative interpretation unfolds into a psychic depth
manifestating emergent states of being

AudioSyntax encoding the void

into the rhythmic body
into the harmonic heart
into the psychic mind
☁ Live Rituals:

✈ AUDiOSYNTAX ✈ live
Alice-D Records // Berlin
David Slojewski alias Audiosyntax grew up on the north west countyside of germany. being surrounded by musicians his development was steadily accompaigned by various musical influences. his urge to reproduce certain kinds of acoustical experiences led him from experimenting with all kinds of instruments and sound devices to start producing psychedelic ambient and minimalistic acoustic and electronic music. at 2010 he turned to psytrance quickly developing an own fast and experimental style.

✈ OROBORO ✈ live
Anomalistic Records // Berlin
Earlier known as Papyo Rafiky, Oroboro’s sound is the embodiment of cerebral chaos.
He will release his debut album OroborO – Automagickally. Digital Album Release on Anomalstic the 20.09.2016 for free! over Anomalistic Records.

Knusperjungs is the collaboration project between Audiosyntax & Oroboro. Their first release is a track named „Mood Selektor“ on the „VA in Entropaint“ by Painted Chaos Project.

Creative Jungle Records // Berlin
The mind behind Biomekanik is Bruno from Genova, Italy, he is currently operating his studio based in Berlin called the Biolab.
The project Biomekanik began in 2006 as a dj act playing all over north Italy, now Biomekanik in his studio produces music with experimental sound design focusing on researched sonic textures, alien sounds and orchestral/cinematic elements.
By applying his knowledge in sound design and engineering to his music, during a set of Biomekanik you will feel an intense sonic experience.

► Visualized by ✈ FREE OPTICS ✈


AudioSyntax – PARSING

09. September 2016 – Alice D Recordings

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