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Lvis Mejía Release Party

Lvis Mejía Release Party


Lvis Mejía


Radar Bird

Walter Vinyl


As one of the most influential Latin-American producers and young artists, Mejía's oeuvre takes on multiple forms and expressions.

This time he is releasing his third full length album on what is probably the most important and legendary electronic label in Mexico, Static Discos.

Lvis Mejía has been performing worldwide bringing his music to numerous and diverse types of audiences.

His tonal approach is not simple to describe, since he has been conceiving audiovisual installations, sonic studies, experimenting with and even writing a symphony for orchestra, two choirs and live electronics.

Lvis Mejía's third release is a "self curated selection" of his renewed old recordings.

Lostoys is the result of a well-polished archive looking through the glass of composed atemporality. 

Perceiving it as a full circled voyage wandering through jazzy hues, adventurous electronica, analog warmth and edgy digital synthesis, Lostoys represents his most ludic material released, so far.


Accompanying him during the release night: Walter Vynil, DEKJ and Radar Bird.

Both Walter Vinyl and Radar Bird active members of the renowned sound collective - Through my Speakers - deliver unique musical schemes.

While Walter Vinyl creates interesting sets for mind, body and soul mixing HipHop, House, Footwork, Soul & co., free from musical boundaries,

Radar Bird's music is about the challenge to ignore the frontiers of contemporary sounds and electronic genres. 


DEKJ is the name behind a young incognito committed to the most essential nature of sound. 

Part of his work focuses on waves studies declaring that even before the music there was and will be sound, resonance.

A place where the acoustic phenomenon serves as the pillar of our impressions.


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