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Through My Speakers Back 2 Back @ YAAM

Through My Speakers  Back 2 Back @ YAAM


Through My Speakers – Back 2 Back @ YAAM

DJs playing a set together one after the other. B2B give jockeys the chance to step into musical spaces they might have not ventured into their own sound and offers the listener the opportunity to experience a collaboration of like-minded artists. Back to Back sets are very common nowadays and have filled many dancefloors over the world with surprises.

Through My Speakers presents the ,Back 2 Backʻ special which is taking place at Yaam on July 11th in Berlin. The focus will lay on B2B sets mixed by artists within the TMS collective and also among peers.

Another highlight will be the headliner ,Championʻ, a man with a penchant for low-end basslines and dazzling rhythmic patterns, Champion is no stranger to innovation in his productions and made his mark on the UK underground with the breakthrough release of his debut effort, the scintillating Motherboard EP on Terror Danjahʼs Hardrive imprint in 2011. Digital Soundboy, Hyperdub and of course Formula Records have etched Championʼs name in stone as one of the leading lights of the next generation of UK producers. leading lights of the next generation of UK producers. ‘Back 2 Back’ will be his debut gig in Berlin, so don’t miss this.

Also the night will be enriched by sounds of well known protagonists like Ricardo Esposito as well as Strip Steve and additionally contribution to the B2B sets by our highly appreciated friends Uta, Cool Hand Luke, Skor72 and Bodo plus Agent Lexie on the mic duties.

Sarah Farina x Le Feu

Walter Vinyl x Uta

NGHT DRPS x Cool Hand Luke

Skor72 b2b Bodo

Chix x Qumasiquamé

DJ Champion

Ricardo Esposito

Radar Bird

She's Drunk

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