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RootikalVibrationsNight: Keety Roots, Ashanti Selah & Lionís Den

RootikalVibrationsNight: Keety Roots, Ashanti Selah & Lionís Den

YAAM Berlin

Lion's Den invites… Keety Roots & Ashanti Selah for a night of ROOTIKAL VIBRATIONS

!! powered by Lion’s Den Sound System !!

this time on the rootikal warrior vibe…
skank we haffi skank…

with great joy we welcome two top producers outta England…
longtime activist Keety Roots, well-known for many years of tuff work with his Black Legacy label going way back into the 90s, and Ashanti Selah, a very young, talented and hardworking producer of the new generation, whose music is setting dances on fire all around the world… well inspirational…
better don’t miss out on this experience of some serious rootikal vibrations and pure dubplate pressure powered by whole heap a speakerboxes and amplifiers ;-)

/// KEETY ROOTS [London / UK] ///

/// ASHANTI SELAH [London / UK] ///

/// LION’S DEN SOUND SYSTEM [Berlin] ///
(Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa
feat. K'boko Dub on live percussion)

/// ABOUT ///

Keety Roots [London / UK]

Keety Roots is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer from London, UK, specialized in Reggae and Dub. Born in the mid 60s, he started to get involved with music from an early age on and his first releases go way back into the 90s. It was not long and he made a name for himself for top class quality rootikal music - his music getting the attention and support from people like Jah Warrior, Aba Shanti and many more.
It was in 1990 that he started his own label, Black Legacy, in order to release a number of singles and albums with people like Tena Stelin, Naphtali, Carlton Livingston, Mike Brooks, Yami Bolo and many others. Most of them on heavy rotation in so many sessions near and far.
Up to date he is still very active - feeding the big sounds with some tuff tuff dubplates ;-)
Rootikal vibrations pon top…

Ashanti Selah [London / UK] ///

Ashanti Selah - a musician and dub producer hailing from the UK - is the eldest son of the world-renowned soundman Aba Shanti-I. Starting the mystical journey for his keen interest of playing music came from his early days of being exposed to the sound system culture through his father and their musical infrastructure; also being a regular attendee at his father’s location in the Notting Hill Carnival and traveling with the sound as a crew member to various sessions in the UK and to Europe.

As well as working on his own productions, Ashanti makes use of his musical abilities as a performer in various bands as keyboardist and has had the pleasure of working and collaborating with a number of great singers, musicians & producers in the scene such as: Vivian Jones, Mad Professor, Joe Ariwa, Ras Divarius, Alpha Steppa, Iration Steppas, Dan I Locks, Junior Roy, I-Jah Salomon (just to name a few). His tunes gaining widespread recognition and support among many of the top sound systems and labels around the world.

Keeping the roots & culture fire burning bright, Ashanti Selah is set to play a crucial role in the future of conscious sound system music.

/// INFO ///

date: november 10th
gates open at 23:01
location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near S Ostbahnhof
-> * support yur local activists *

Refugees welcome!!!

for more info visit:

no sexism, no homophobia, no racism, no discrimination, no borders!!!
strictly respect...
good over evil... only love can conquer...

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