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The Freakouternational

The Freakouternational


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The Freakouternational
World Music // Afrobeats // Bass Music
"Imagine you are a sand particle that can be carried by the wind. You start your Journey in the sub-Sahara desert, rolling and hovering all the way through north Africa, then going north through the mighty Sinai desert. Each place you land infuses you with new element of sound and groove, charging you with energy and knowledge to help you carry you over to the next ground. Now, after traveling more then 10000 miles, you come fully charged to one place with all your friends, celebrating the knowledge you gathered from your long journey."

For more than 3 years, the FreakOuternational radio show and party series has brought together, DJs and musicians, styles and records from all over the world, ignoring borders, nations and boundaries, celebrating diversity, creativity and ingenuity in the city of Berlin. After more than 90 shows on and a series of successful club nights in places as Yaam, Banja and Monarch, the FreakOuternational hosts a sight of exhilarating live acts and invites you for a mental trip through musical worlds ranging from the Sahara to Norway, from Persia to Peru, from electronic to organic, from melancholy to madness.

LIVE ACTS from 10 PM indoor // DJs from 2 PM outdoor

→ Live:

The Center of the Universe ( Oslo ) aJan ( Outernational, Berlin ) X.A.Cute & special guests ( Berlin )

→ DJ:

X.A.Cute Soundsystem ( Wuzi Khan, Freak Ass E & Guvibosch ) Jackie Jackpot ( Pssst!, nelken & pralinen )

DJ Sissyfus ( The Center of the Universe )

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The Center of the Universe (Norway)

Inspired by folk music and rhythmic excesses from all over the world the Center of the Universe made his first recordings in 2000. The group, which admittedly is not a band, but rather Jørgen Skjulstads (Now we’ve got members, Salvatore) solo project, combines heavy bass, odd meters and various exotic elements with a lo-fi approach in his recording methods.
Center of the Universe has been active in the Norwegian underground music scene since 1998 and has in addition to participating in several other projects, found the time to release a whole host of solo albums, including a trilogy where the theme was space and time. It is difficult to give a clear definition of the band’s musical impression, as this tends to change from release to release, but it would not be wrong to say that melody is always at the center. What apparently may begin as a pop song entice you into a world where nothing is as it seems and musical expectations are seldom met. For the Center of the Universe no surna is too high and no bass too deep. He has always walked off the beaten path next to the road less travelled and keeps trudging on in a landscape where the sun shines, vulcanoes erupt and it’s raining guitars, sitars and just plain’ol tars.

aJan (Outernational / Berlin)

Formed in Berlin in 2016, aJan is a brand new musical experience that creates a unique combination of desert grooves ounds with a rave-like atmosphere on stage. With infectious African and Middle Eastern grooves, blended with driving rock guitar and the Berlin electronic influence ,aJan delivers immensely uplifting live performances.

aJan is a band composed of musicians with musical backgrounds rangingfrom Nigeria, MiddleEast to the UK and Germany. Brought together by a love of music and the shared desire to create a live experience that is so irresistible and accessible that youcan't help but dance your troubles away. aJan aims to bring people together from all walks of life, tap into something inside all of us and share a special moment which will live long in memory.

X.A.Cute & special guests (Berlin)

Wuzi Khan: Electribe, Dr. Sample, FX, vocals, loopstation Guvibosch: MPC, Kaoss FX
Freak Ass E: EMU Sampler, MIcrokorg, FX, cowbell

Featuring: Romeo Natour (percussion)

Founded in the early noughties, X.A.Cute has been active in different shapes, forms, and styles, but the roots always remained the same: dub and hip hop, spiced up with whatever caught the attention of core members, DJs and producers Wuzi Khan and Freak Ass E. Over the years X.A.Cute has recorded and played with artists as (among others) Mike Ladd, Miss Red, Mark Stewart, Infinite Livez, The Shadowhuntaz, Holzkopf, Guillermo E. Brown, and Ari Up, with releases on labels as Echo Beach, Moniker Eggplant, Anorakism and Meerkat Recordings. In Summer 2014 MPC wizard Guvibosch joined the line-up after moving from Jerusalem to Berlin, adding his Russian percussion and a selection of bass heavy beats to the mix. After playing a number of successful club and festival gigs, this combination culminated in the digital release "Shards" (2016), based on their live setsIn 2017 X.A.Cute sets out with “Echoes”, a dubbed out 4-track all instrumental bandcamp EP, and a new 7” single featuring Turkish rapper Ethnique Punch (based on the “deep bass 9” riddim form the “shards” album), as well as a full (yet undisclosed) album, due to release later this year. Moreover, the trio shaped a totally new live-set, this time with no samples from other sources at all: All sounds were generated by the musicians, their musician friends, and their hardware. And still no computers are used on stage to allow the band to go off the beaten track when- or wherever they please. Each member has access to the mixing desk at any moment to dub out the events as they come through the channels As it is their habit, X.A.Cute welcomes guests on stage to raise the energy level. This time it will be MC Santana a/k/a Semtex MC, veteran of the Berlin drum & bass scene, on vocal duty and percussionist and Flying Arab Romeo Natour from the Shangl Hangl tribe.


Jackie Jackpot
Setting every floor ablaze, either solo or as part of the notorious Pssst¡ DJ team, Jackie Collects, selects, celebrates, boosts and promotes female empowerment and positive vibes wherever she goes. She will play the opening programm at the beach and hopefully join the aftershow jam with her superb vinyl selection.


The DJ persona of producer The Center of the Universe, DJ Sissyfus plays eclectic sets that mirror his production style:

bleepy, scratchy, skeewzy bass bangers, spiced up with gems from eastern Europe and the middle east. Freak Ass E

Co-founder of x.a.cute and host of the FreakOuternational radio show and club nights, the Freak is always searching for outernational dance music from vintage to contemporary


Born in Russia, Guvi came to Berlin via Jerusalem where he settled as a creative beatmaker, solo performer and collaborator, with band projects like Neft (with Rocky B) and releases on Generation Bass.

Wuzi Khan

As a veteran MC of the Berlin drum & bass scene, as well as producer, musician and singer (12dingo, Das Aaron, The Mighty Grin Department), and DJ, Wuzi has left his mark on the Berlin scene. He loves to plays outernational tunes from dub to cumbia, from uptempo African jams to heavy UK grime.

To celebrate the occasion, the FreakOuternational took a step back from its usual colourful signature style and commissioned poster art from Nicola Wright, gifted artist from Haifa / Israel.

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