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Joseph “Still Cool” Grant Jamaica & Band + Special Guest: Longfingah

Joseph “Still Cool” Grant Jamaica  & Band + Special Guest: Longfingah

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Joseph “Still Cool” Grant Jamaica 
& Band + Special Guest: Longfingah
Roots Reggae
with members of 
“The Magic Touch”, 
“JBC Radio”, 
“GuerillJah Prod.” and 
“Wood in di Fire”

Joseph "Blue" Grant a.k.a. "Still Cool", was born in Jamaica and is known as one of the most talented entertainers from the island and shared the stage with top reggae artists like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Sugar Minott an many more. Joseph Grant working with some of Jamaica's finest musicians like Pablo Black and Jah Privy (Studio One) or Robbie Shakespeare (Sly & Robbie).
Joseph Blue founded the popular reggae group „Still Cool" in the seventies. This Jamaican reggae group creating the anthem of Rastafarians and poor people all over the world with the number one hit „To Be Poor Is A Crime" (1981). This song was covered by Freddie McGregor and again it was a number one hit in 1992 and was awarded the number two reggae song of the year in Great Britain.
Joseph"Blue"Grant migrated to Europe, but while working in Europe he kept the Still Cool vibes alive by refering to his backing band which consists of musicians from Jamaica, Germany, Africa and other Carribean countries, as the "Still Cool Band."
In 2001 Still Cool sent his plea to the decision makers of the world with his album "Save The Planet". 2008 Still Cool releasing his new album"Cant Stop This Music". Joseph has been taking these songs and their vibes to festivals and towns around Europe.
Joseph "Blue" Grant is truly a ruler of good judgement righteously expressed, a defender and an advocate of reggae music. All these characteristics are seen in the lyrical contents of his songs. Joseph Blue Grant is carrying on the longevity of the reggae music, determined and steadfast in his quest to spread his message of peace and love, equal rights and justice to a worldwide audience. ever-Cool Blue is StillCool.

Joseph "Blue" Grant a.k.a. Still Cool gilt als einer der talentiertesten Künster Jamaicas. Bereits seit den 70ern teilte er sich die Bühne mit Größen des Reggaegenres wie Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Sugar Minott und vielen mehr; arbeitete mit Musikern wie Pablo Black, Jah Privy (Studio One) Robbie Shakespeare (Sly & Robbie) und Produzenten wie Jah Shaka zusammen und schrieb seinen Namen in Geschichtsbücher des Reggae.
Joseph Grant gründete in den 70iger-Jahren die Reggae-Band “Still Cool” und schrieb Rasta-Anthems wie “To be poor is a crime”, “What A Shame” und “Crab in Barrel”. Mit dem Tune “To Be Poor Is A Crime” landeten sie 1981 den Nr. 1 Hit des Jahres in Jamaica, welcher 1992 von Freddie Mc Gregor gecovert wurde und in den UK wieder zum Hittune wurde.
Er emigrierte nach England und veröffentlichte die Solo-Alben “Save The Planet” und “Cant Stop This Music” mit denen er in ganz Europa und der Karibik tourte. Inzwischen lebt Joseph Grant in Berlin.

Door: 21h
Stage: 22h
5 €

To be poor is a crime video (1979):

Still Cool on Vinyl (80s):

Live on stage (Reggae Jam):

Unplugged (Sofa Connection):

DJ R2D2 (DirtyRaggaSquad)
HipHop, Dancehall, Tropical Bass up to Elektro, House

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