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CTM Festival
CTM Festival’s second Saturday moves over to three different rooms at YAAM for an evening planned in collaboration with the new Berlin-based promoter group Temp Affairs, their close associates from the WEBOOGIE collective, and the new label Disco Halal. The night showcases young hip-hop variants, world rhythm, post-apocalyptic grime, meets other compelling oppositions to 4-to-thefloor.

On the main floor, Lex Lugner, the beat chef for Austrian cloud rap names like Yung Hurn and Crack Ignaz and a member of the Hanuschplatzflow crew, warms up the stage followed by Berlin-based Igor Botur, whose style behind the decks unites “sparky house, vivacious, new school rap, vital post-internet world music, and dominating 808s” for a “performative, pervy presence and… pure, vigorous body music.” Following this, Berlin campus cool kids Max Boss and Stine Omar present their post-human, postgender pop project Easter. Brixton native and Warp Records affiliate Gaika converts the hyper-real urban chaos of London into glitchy, otherworldly collages. His combinations of the UK tropes of grime and garage with dancehall, hip-hop, and R&B are all set against a gothic, fetishistic, streetwear-oriented visual aesthetic. The young Ottawa cloud rap sensation Night Lovell recently added fuel to cloud rap culture with his catchy, melancholy mixtape Concept Vague. His music combines titanic instrumentals and sluggish, no-nonsense utterances. 23-year-old Atlanta rapper Maco Mattox or OG Maco, whose name exploded after the 2014 single “U Guessed It”, commands a muggy, sparse sound and grandiose statements. Last but not least is Berlin overnight hit mobilegirl. The nascent record label Disco Halal, which dedicates itself to collecting and editing original dance music from the Arab world, are guest curators for the second floor. The Anglo-German DJ team SpatzHabibi lay out a polychromatic musical spread featuring everything from upbeat Arabiana and psych meltdowns to Asian film scores and sultry African disco. Ghana’s satirical, provocative hip-hop duo FOKN Bois also takes the stage followed by Disco Halal co-founder Chen Moscovic aka Moscoman, who is equally at home with techno and house as he is with the dance classics of his native Middle East. His colleague and partner in crime, Markus Lindner aka Delfonic is a dance music force to be reckoned with, and the evening goes out with a bang thanks to Israeli producer Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic, whose sets are testaments to his current infatuation with minimal wave and vintage electronics.

The WEBOOGIE stage hosts a range of innovative takes on grime, juke, footwork, and bass. The inaugural set by Danish-raised
Berliner DJ Yung Boo Khaki or Why Be gives us a tour through the fringes of experimental dance and pulverizes with metallic,
“macabre bangers”. Oslo’s Mad Decent affiliate Purpurr Purple zooms in on a host of subgenres. Rabit, who is emerging as a
luminary in “tuff jams”, makes hard-edged, “subzero grime” that “turns clubs inside out” (FACT Mag), and Brighton-based
Mumdance, who appears at CTM for the second time, is at this point a household name in forward-thinking grime. Another Oslobased
artist, Slick Shoota, lays out high-octane sets that draw inspiration from jungle and footwork, and Berliner Ticklish delivers a
sunny grand finale of juke, footwork, and bass, or what Ministry of Sound called “blissed out BBQ music for the soul”.

in collaboration with Temp Affairs:
Igor Botur b2b Lex Lugner(DE)
Easter (DE/NO)
Gaika (UK)
Light Lovell (CA)
OG Maco (US)
Mobilegirl (DE)

Moscoman (IL)
Delfonic (DE)
Autarkic (IL)
Spatzhabibi (DE)
& special guest FOKN BOIS [GH]

in collaboration with WEBOOGIE:
Purpurrpurple (NO)
Why Be (INT)
Mumdance (UK)
Rabit (UK)
Slick Shoota (NO)
Ticklish (DE)

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