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War Ina East 2015, BLACK CHINEY vs. JUGGLERZ

War Ina East 2015, BLACK CHINEY vs. JUGGLERZ



The number one clash in Europe and certainly considered as one of the few premier international clashes is ready to bring you another night for the ages. You know our main goal is to put the massive first, giving the best possible entertainment experience and this clash would be no exception. That’s a promise.

Moving the clash to Berlin last year for the 10 year anniversary proved to be a golden move so why spoil a good thing? Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the next War Ina East will head back to Berlin, making it once again possible for clash-fans from all over Europe and the world to attend and witness. This means that we will once again team up with Superlock and host an entire weekend of madness. To put your curiosity to rest…..The War Ina East line-up for 2015,


Herbalize-it & Superlock presents to you

“Expose The heartless”

Black Chiney (USA) vs Jugglerz (Germany)

04 April 2015

YAAM Berlin

The world famous Black Chiney from Florida USA, led by Bobby Chin himself will be heading to Berlin for their first ever clash in Europe. That’s right, their first ever. This mighty sound who we all know has one of the deepest and most versatile dub boxes on the planet will go bomb for bomb against Jugglerz from Stuttgart Germany, leaders of the new generation for the German reggae/dancehall/soundclash community and internationally notoriously known for their electrifying performances, in and out of the sound clash arena. Oh yes people, this one is going to be deadly and full full full of surprises! Quality entertainment, crazy energy and vibes all night long in a dub plate killing style-eeeee. And at the end only one will stand, question is who will it be and will you be there to witness another War Ina East historical event?


As mentioned earlier, again we have a weekend full of events for you with something for everyone. Once a year we do this, once a year we see our friends from near and far so its the perfect opportunity to make the weekend and experience as long and as memorable as possible. Friday we hold the warm-up dance which was totally insane last year and expected to be even sicker this year. Saturday we first have the soundclash Black Chiney vs Jugglerz and then when the winning sound finishes their victory set the party continues.

Finally on Sunday to make sure that you leave the next day completely mashed, we hold for the first time a new concept called the War Ina East European Dancehall Link Up. Here we give 8 sounds the chance to perform and hopefully shine on this big stage in the legendary Yaam. It’s a great opportunity and all interested sounds should send an email to We will make a selection and publicise the chosen sounds as soon as possible.


Weekend details:


Friday – War Ina East Warm-Up Dance (3 April 2015)

1 Event & 2 Floors

Dancehall: Herb-A-Lize It + City Lock + Supersonic

Soca: Barney Millah + Soca Twins + Jammasters


Saturday – War Ina East Clash & Afterparty (4 April 2015)

2 Events

Event 1: War Ina East Clash

Event 2: Bass Station & Friends


Sunday – War Ina East European Dancehall Link Up (5 April 2015)

Dancehall: (Sounds send email to for a chance to perform here)

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